SAIT GNCTR Sweeps Two More Awards

After what's already been a record-breaking award haul for our team, we were invited to the SAIT Students' Association (SAITSA) Awards. 15 members of the team attended last night for a fine banquet and one final chance to celebrate our accomplishments.

SAITSA awarded us with the Sustainability Award and the Industry Award, and we couldn't be happier. The first, which we have won two years in a row, is to honour a team that makes a consistent conscious effort to reduce SAIT's overall impact on the environment. The second goes to a team that strives to establish connections within the industry community and connect its members with people in Calgary and beyond. Winning two awards simply goes to show the strides taken by our team! The funds received for the awards will go towards the GNCTR 2019 team's endeavours.

Special congratulations go to our very own Brian Backs for winning the School of Construction Instructor of the Year Award, as well as to Parker Gavey for winning a SAITSA Apex Award for his contributions to the GNCTR team over the years.

Congratulations also to our sister club, the SAIT Mechanical Society for taking home Club of the Year — a very-much deserved honour for all the work you put into creating and running the society! Also, congratulations to Ryan Niddery (SMS - President) and Samuel Timms (ENACTUS - President) for your own personal wins this year. Thanks for how much you've helped our team — you deserved the wins!



The last hurrah! What an incredible year!

The last hurrah! What an incredible year!