Almost Ready for Competition!

It's been a long few weeks over the holidays but the SAIT GNCTR team is nearly ready for the competition.

Our concrete team spent the start of their break in the concrete lab for a week straight prepping the forms, mocking-up the ski mounts, and of course pouring the skis. The mixes for the race skis and back-up skis went beautifully and the CNC'd forms helped us get the perfect base to prepare for waxing. Our team wax guru, Monty, spent a long few days after New Years applying many layers of wax to get a glass like finish on the skis that will help us defend our King-of-the-Hill and Top Speed awards from Winnipeg 2017.

Our resident Red-Seal welder, Wyatt, finished up the fabrication of the superstructure and toboggan systems a few days before Christmas. In the new year, our team went to work putting the finishing touches on the toboggan such as a paint job, covering up that paint job with foam, covering up that foam with decorative tape, and installing some great looking Carbon Fiber/Biomid side panels.

Shaking off the New Year's Eve hangover, the tech display team dragged themselves over to the lab to finally build the display. Spending most of the time literally watching paint dry, spirit was in full swing with trips to get costumes, chanting, and rehearsing the skit. Shout-out to our first-year Emery for the amazing paint job.

Packed Crate.jpg

Everything is now packed tightly in our crate and will be shipping out in less than an hour. We're so excited and can't wait to be reunited with everyone in less than two weeks!

- Parker