Frequently Asked Questions

I want to know more about the competition, where do i look?

The 2019 GNCTR website is a good place to start, here's the link, or check out the competition's Wikipedia page here

My organization wants to contribute, where do i get more information?

Please follow this link to find more information about corporate sponsorship

I know nothing about designing or about the competition, can I still join?

Of course! We are always looking for people to help out with a number of tasks that require no experience. Come to a meeting to find out where you fit in!

Where is the competition this year?

The 2019 GNCTR will take place in Edmonton, Alberta between January 30th - February 3rd

How many team members go to the competition?

While the rules allow for 30 team members from each school, SAIT usually takes around 25. It is highly dependent on how much fundraising we can bring in and how much you contribute to the team.

Does it personally cost anything to travel to Waterloo?

Our team has a $100 membership fee to help cover the cost of competition registration, travel, and accommodations. There may be additional costs but again, this is highly dependent on funding. We strive to keep personal costs to just the membership fee.

I've heard the competition is a huge party, is that all it is?

The competition is a pretty big party, that's what happens when you put 400+ engineering students in a hotel for a weekend. But the party is just a small part of the competition. There are countless hours that go into making SAIT one of the best teams there. The experience you gain throughout the design and construction of the toboggan is extremely valuable to put on your resume, many industry members are alumni of the competition themselves!

When does the team meet?

We have multiple meetings throughout the week. Send an email to to learn when they are